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Farmer Field School Cultivating Sustainable Farmers

Researchers predict that by 2030, over 60% of Indonesia’s total oil palm plantation area will be operated by independent smallholders. This means that the successful greening of the oil palm industry depends largely on these smallholders adopting sustainable practices on their plantations. However, most of them do not have the capability to do so because of the cost involved and the lack of access to the resources and knowledge required.

In 2019, Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd (GAHL) in collaboration with Daemeter Consulting developed a capacity building program – Farmer Field School for independent smallholders to enhance their knowledge on sustainable agronomic practices.

The pilot program in 2019 saw 269 farmers benefitting from Farmer Field School. However due to the COVID outbreak, the program was put on hold until September this year when it resumed with 100 smallholders from the Bapeang and Lanpasa villages of Central Kalimantan.

As part of our Sustainability Policy, we fully support providing educational and technical assistance for smallholders within our supply base to increase the implementation of responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. The value created by supporting the development of their entrepreneurial and managerial competencies is the glue that will further strengthen our relationship with the smallholders.

Through Farmer Field School, the smallholders are learning about the morphology and physiology of oil palm, composting processes, how to optimize the usage of fertilizers as well as steps on managing pests, diseases, and overall soil health.

At the closing of the program, the Lanpasa farmers said that they enjoyed the combination of theory and practical sessions that were delivered by Daemeter Consulting. We are encouraged by the impact this program is having and look forward to further supporting the smallholders in improving the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the land that they own.

Smallholders from Bapeang at the close of the program

Lanpasa farmers getting hands-on experience during their session

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